BackYard Produce~A Taste-bud delight & budget friendly.
Three generations have farmed the same soil and we are proud to keep up the tradition. Our parents and grand parents farmed this soil with truck farming. Now we market garden and grow a wide variety of vegetables and fruit. With season extension techniques we are able to harvest produce from the end of May thru December. All produce is picked when flavor is at it's best.
We grow produce with a combination of old fashioned horse sense, biodynamic preps, companion planting w/herbs and flowers, green cropping, tree barriers, intercropping, intense gardening methods, mulching, composting, soil amendments and love in caring for our little slice of paradise.
Where you can find us 
  • Tue/Thur 2-7pm at the Granger Farmers Market
  • Saturdays 8-2 pm at the Granger Farmers Market 


We will have all your favorite seasonal local produce including summer squash, cucumber, tomato, pepper, melon, corn, onion, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, chard, spinach, lettuce, salad mix, potato, garlic, leek, asparagus, winter squash, pumpkin and more! We grow our produce without synthetic chemicals and use a combination of methods to deter pests including but not limited to companion planting, intercropping, home made red pepper spray and we succession plant in several plots.  The growers we work with use a variety of methods including integrated pest management for produce.  If you have a question about the produce just ask us when you are at the stand. Everyone loves fruit including the pests so realistically some kind of determent is used to prevent a crop loss.  The level will differ and depends on what kind of growing year we have. 

We are not a certified organic grower, a grower must pay a licensing fee (and fill out a 37 page application) to use that term and we do not.  We grow using an assortment of non synthetic methods including ideas and principles of permaculture and biodynamic concepts.   
We also work with local farmers and purchase locally grown produce so we have a larger variety for our customers.  We believe it is extremely important to network with the local growing community and develop a structure that will strengthen the local food shed. We are not huge with thousands of acres at our disposal for growing everything under the sun.  We are a small family farm and grow several varieties of produce on our little slice of paradise. WE look to local growers to assist us with what we do not grow(primarily orchard fruit) and we are proud to be part of the Michiana local growers network.   A strong local food shed is extremely important in creating food security for our great community.   To create a strong local food shed we need a more growers/farmers not less. 
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